multi-user24x7x365 access to your Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents & Accountant. Application provides access to all your stakeholders who get to see what they are expected. We simplified the complexity of user privileges so that you don’t need to worry about it.


The system is so flexible to allow your school to configure multiple Boards or Curriculum. All classes, students, examination, grading and related are aligned as per the Boards selected so that you can easily manage multiple curriculum within the same system.


Create and publish a list of all examinations for the current academic year which will be visible to Teachers, Students and their parents using their respective logins.Manage multiple examinations – school, college or university examination simultaneously

Classes & Batches

Create and edit Classes, Section, Batches, Shifts and tag students to these to replicate your actual school planning with few clicks with ease

Student Admissions

Complete end to end admissions management reduces lots of overheads and provides better response and communication with aspirants.

Time Table

Easily create flexible TimeTable for conducting classes in a planned manner. Teachers, students, parents can all view their respective timetables in their login.


Email & Notifications

Send bulk emails to selected group of recipients or all. Notify concerned recipients with auto triggered email alerts on invoice payment, assignments, notices and circulars, and more.

Bulk SMS

Choose to communicate via bulk SMS service for all notices or even alerts. AMS provides ready integration with multiple sms gateways

Internal Messaging

AMS has the option for internal messaging system for teachers, students and even parents which just makes the communication very easy.



Teachers can create assignments for students which is visible and trackable to the students and also their parents from their respective logins

Subject Teacher Mapping

Map subjects to teachers thereby making it easier to identify teacher’s specialisations and assign substitute quickly during teacher absence.

Marks Record

Teachers, Administrators can assign marks of students for every examination taken. The marks can be viewed by the students and their parents from their respective logins.

Promote Students

The promote student feature lets you upgrade the students to higher classes or even pass them out of the institute. Forward integration with available Alumni software helps to automatically identity and transfer pass out student’s data.

Generate Report Cards

Results are processed with a single click and the system automatically takes into account the marks, the assigned grading system and the formula to automatically generate report cards.

Adaptive Grading

The grading system has been designed to adapt to any possible configuration and standards.You can configure the grades easily to CGPA, CCE, CWA, or any other system that your school or institution follows.