• Mecherp is a responsive manufacturing system which can be operated it on Laptop’s, notepads, I-pad’s and even on your mobile.
  • It’s is simpler to understand and easy to grasp.
  • Simple to maintain all the details & reports of the project at one click.
  • Build and developed as per the needs of the mechanical company.

It consists of 5 modules Sales, Production, Purchase, Store, Accounts


  • We can have different types of cost center’s for the same project so the evaluation of the whole project is much more simpler.
  • Thus the productivity & efficiency of the organization increases.
  • Provision to add client’s P.O.
  • Sales Department consist of adding and maintaining the Clients
  • We can add different types of projects to the clients.
  • Returning clients details need not be added only project details is required


  • Production department is responsible to make and approve the Material Requisition form. The production department has the access to the different cost centers which are filled and send to the Purchase department once it is approved.
  • It is much simpler to know the exact requirement from the client’s P.O.
  • It also consist of Material issue for respective projects from which we get to know how much material is present for a particular project.
  • Return note in order to return the material which is in excess.
  • Outsourcing Functionality which help’s them to keep the track.
  • 3 tier system ( To make, To check and To approve)


  • Purchase Department consist of generating the enquires from the suppliers as per the MRF.
  • Auto mails are been send to the suppliers once you select to enquire about the respective material.
  • Easy to add new Supplier’s and new material’s if required.
  • Final P.O can be made at just one click
  • It’s a 3 tier Approval system.
  • Easy to manage the enquire and P.O for different Projects.
  • Can add remark’s so that the supplier can have the note of each material.
  • Auto mail’s of P.O send to the supplier with an attachment of P.O


  • Store Department consist of management of store and material.
  • It has auto notification to know which materials and goods will be delivered today.
  • Provision to accept and reject the material that is delivered by the supplier.
  • Provision to have quality check of respective material.
  • Can generate delivery challan for Outsourcing.
  • Bill posting available
  • Can issue material only if he has notification from the production department through issue note.
  • Can generate reports with available stock.
  • Easy managment of respective stock for respective project


  • Account Department is simple.
  • It consist of 8 voucher(Contra, payment, receipt, purchase, sales, journal, credit note, debit note).
  • Separate reports of each ledger is available.
  • The presentation is in nature of actual balance sheet.
  • Simpler reports of taxation.
  • Can be semi-automated and linked to above part so that it is much simpler.
  • Master to create and view the existing group’s and ledger.